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Monday, May 25, 2020
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11723 E. Sprague Ave.
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
Phone: (509) 924-2578
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"Three Blocks West of
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Private Parties

You can reserve our entire establishment for a private party on Saturday afternoon, Sunday afternoon/evening or Monday evening. A monetary commitment is required and the amount depends on the day and length of time. If food and drink is ordered for the party, the commitment is often covered and there is no additional room fee.

In-house parties:   

Smaller groups of up to 15-20 people can order from our in-house menu.  Larger groups can order off the in-house menu with the understanding that the orders will have to be taken in groups over a longer period of time. This usually works well for parties where people are not expecting to all sit down and eat a meal together at one time—rather the party consists of a lot of mingling, standing and socializing, where people might order appetizers and/or meals at different times.

Larger groups generally pre-order buffet-style BBQ from our Catering Menu.  However, we are flexible and have accommodated a variety of requests.

We can accommodate special gatherings in-house such as birthday parties, small reunions and going-away parties for up to 50 people (more in the summer when we can use the patio). 

Certain sections of the bar area can be reserved as well as the patio in the summer.  (The Liquor Board does not allow children on our patio because there is no separate entrance).

For parties of families that include children, we have the “Celtic Room”—our family dining area that can seat up to 35 people. Larger parties with both families and many adults can reserve part of the bar along with the Celtic Room. 

We do not take reservations for large parties on Fridays after 3pm.

In-house parties on Saturday and Sundays.  Private parties on Sunday and Monday afternoon/evenings.